Infantile Paralysiser, Moonshell, VOIP & Drawing Homebrew on the NDS

I’ve been trawling the Internet to reload all of my favourite Homebrew for the DS. The following treats are just the tip of the iceberg but they unlock the functionality from the DS that pleases me the most so I am dedicating a nice informed post that should help you with some of the ‘Engrish‘ you’d normally encounter trying to get them onto your DS.


Infantile Paralysiser – Crazy name, fantastic programmer and contributor to Nintendo Homebrew. My favourite bits of his include…

MoonShell Version 1.71 – A multimedia ‘Shell’ (A Shell is a bit like an Operating System). This plays MP3’s, videos on the DS (normally encoded as DPG files), pictures, text files and even other bits of homebrew. AFAIK my DSOne uses a modified version of this as it’s own Shell.

wifi VoiceChatClient Version 1.61 – A great bit of software, that lets you chat privately or in groups with other users of the program, for free over the Internet. Includes a multiplater drawing program to makes chats easier. Nintendo showcased something similar at E3 2005 but have never released it. Worked brilliantly on my old SupercardSD but doesn’t yet work on my DSOne :(.

Draw by DavR – Once my favourite Drawing program, now doesn’t save properly on my DSOne card. How Nintendo have passed up the opportunity to let people use their DS as a sketchpad is beyond belief.

New Favourite!

Colors – Amazing Drawing program for the DS. A very slick application that’s gives you the control and capabilities of a professional art program. Once you’ve finished your picture you can upload it automatically to a gallery on the Internet and you can play back the drawing process and watch your picture ‘draw itself’.

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4 Responses to “Infantile Paralysiser, Moonshell, VOIP & Drawing Homebrew on the NDS”

  1. free roms Says:

    loving Colors at the moment….great app !

  2. Harrihu Says:

    You listed the program wifi voice chat client and I had to mention that he has taken the server or servers down and this app no longer works. Plus the earlier versions did come in english and were almost exactly the same.

  3. bboyzahid Says:

    you can change the language using NetworkSetting.ini


    oh, and im trying to make a server but dont know how to compile it

  4. manakill Says:

    won’t work on my dsOne either.. 😦

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