Linx 7

Sunday, 10-01-16


A really cool little Windows tablet. I’ve upgraded it to Windows 10 and its doing pretty much everything my old Surface Pro can do (with the exception of mid-end gaming and video editing. Sometimes I miss Android and how slick apps are, but there are so many times when you need something fiddle/techy to work and Windows always works and can always do the things.


Real Life Gaming

Sunday, 6-09-15

I have been enjoying Ingress for over a year now. This interest followed on from a love of the idea of Augmented Reality Gaming. Now I say ‘idea’ because although I loved the ‘idea’ of ARG it was never simple enough to just pick up and play. Now Ingress has a fairly steep learning curve but one thing the client allows is that you can ‘pick up and play’ albeit rather badly.

One of the best things I did in Ingress was organise a ‘Shard’ event. This was a real life ‘mod’ that used the existing client and Intel map but allowed a slightly different game to be played.

It is my hope to expand on this and bring a variety of real life mods to the table to help people enjoy the game and play for more than just grinding levels, ap, and badges.


Wednesday, 12-05-10

Whyvita comic