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Vidzone : PSN – Review

Thursday, 25-06-09

If  you own a PS3 you need to download the FREE app Vidzone from the Playstation Store! No excuses just try it it’s awesome…

Pros +

  • Free
  • 1000’s of music videos
  • Latest hits
  • Loads of old skool classics
  • Slick UI
  • Chart music
  • Create your own playlists

Cons –

  • Uses bandwidth (but runs fine on my 2mb Virgin Media cable
  • Occasional glitch (once in 6 hours is no problem if you ask me)
  • Ads (very small unobtrusive ones)


A great free app that puts PS3 well above any of the internet contenders Spotify, Imeem or Youtube for all of the above reasons. My only concern is will it be there forever?

It also features the ability to download songs to your phone (for a fee). If anyone has tested this please leave a comment.


Sam William Chenery

Wednesday, 24-06-09

*Video Removed*

All created using the fabulous tool at… obviously the video was created, not the baby!

Stupid Name, Amazing Site –

Wednesday, 4-02-09 is a great site (and community) of online apps comparable to high-end computer applications! If you have heard of Photoshop or 3D Rendering software, you have likely heard how expensive they are.

If you are looking for a good alternative to Photoshop but are limited financially, check out their Phoenix image editor it’s got things like:

  • Layers
  • Brushes
  • Filters

They also have a range of other applications, well suited to the graphic artist (whether your a pro in a hurry or an amateur taking their first steps).