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Nintendo Wii FitWatch

Friday, 30-05-08

Wii Fit Watch

Thanks to frenkieb & yggg for the original images.

I had to write down this concept and hope that one day the big N has the same idea. I’ve had synergy on mind for a week or so and I’ve really been getting into my Wii Fit. It’s great having a gadget that keeps an eye on you and records some useful basic details about you.

How could Nintendo take this concept further?

Nintendo FitWatch

Nintendo is increasingly using Hardware to sell their software, they typically do something we all take for granted but augment it with excellent, fun software. Now fitness watches/gadgets have been around for years, measuring heart rate, distance and speed etc.

Imagine adding some wireless communication to this device and then every morning when you do your Wii Fit weigh in, it uploads a little more data about you. You may be a little wobbly first thing, but the Watch tells Wii Fit that you did a 10 mile run yesterday. You may be, an ideal weight but your watch has noticed an increased heart rate and Wii Fit can advise you to seek some extra help.

It would be an excellent way of augmenting Wii Fit and would provide some very useful input from your activities away from your Wii.

Online Medical Records

Finally, with a whole host of medical tracking websites (including one by Google) on the way, how better than allowing an option to send your records, to these sites, perhaps to allow more detailed analysis, or just for a more permanent record. I feel this last idea would probably be beyond Nintendo’s desires as a Games company but it is worth a thought.