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Summer’s out for School

Monday, 1-09-08

As much as I miss teaching my heart is lighting up with mischeivous glee this week.  Every time I see the ‘Schools Out’ Mastercard video (see below) a little devil pops up on my shoulder and a grin pops up on my face.

It always tickles me when seasonal adverts are slightly out of season as this one almost certainly is, as all my lovely teaching buds are almost certainly getting ready to knuckle down for another term on the rollercoaster ride that teaching is.

All the best for this week everyone, whether you are one of my charming ex-students or one of my underpaid, overworked and underappreciated ex-colleagues.


Thanks for all the fish

Thursday, 15-05-08

Don't Panic photo by jl2003 @

Goodbye y11, sorry I wasn’t there to wave you off/guard the fire alarms/avoid the eggs and flour but all the best with your futures :).

I hope you all do really well in your exams and that you all put in your very best efforts, especially with your CiDA projects. On that note if anyone wants to promote any of their finished games then feel free to contact me and I shall place a link on this site.

If anyone produced an excellent Flash game and wants the chance to win a fame and fortune then have a look at the amazing Kongregate. This site rewards your gameplaying and creativity with badges and awards, or if you’re a developer you can win some great publicity, notoriety and cold, hard cash!

Again all the best with whatever you’ve chosen to do and take it easy on the fizzy pop ;).

All the best HHS

Tuesday, 8-04-08

Iguana Jo @

Hi all, if any of my old students are still following the site all the best for this term. Hope your new teacher/s are doing everything they can can for you.

CiDA groups 10bci, 11aci and 11cci all the best with your last few weeks keep working hard and you’ll soon find yourselves enjoying study leave or a relaxing break before the long summer hols.

Finally just to clear up a viscious rumour I’m not working at Buyright. It is a fine Superstore with an excellent range of value products, but it’s just not me :).

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