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Sam William Chenery

Wednesday, 24-06-09

*Video Removed*

All created using the fabulous tool at… obviously the video was created, not the baby!



Monday, 27-04-09

Thank you my loyal subjects for endlessly subjecting this site to your perusal. I know it’s about 10 years after anyone cared about hits to a site, and most of these hits are probably due to my checking the number of page views, but still I’m proud.

Blogger Migration Complete

Sunday, 23-11-08

I’m back, Blogspot/Blogger was ok, but I missed how reliable WordPress is. It’s hard to put into words but I suppose Blogger is like a PC (does loads, pushes the envelope) whereas WordPress is like a Mac (does what it does really well).

Plus all the nice comments from ex-students keep pulling me back here. Thanks everyone, it’s nice to know I wasn’t completely useless as teacher ;).

Hi all, I have moved and taken a few articles with me to my new host… has been a great host for the last few years, but my love affair with Google now continues with this migration to Blogger. If I ever need a good quality, ad free host I will most certainly be back, till then cheerio.