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Real Life Gaming

Sunday, 6-09-15

I have been enjoying Ingress for over a year now. This interest followed on from a love of the idea of Augmented Reality Gaming. Now I say ‘idea’ because although I loved the ‘idea’ of ARG it was never simple enough to just pick up and play. Now Ingress has a fairly steep learning curve but one thing the client allows is that you can ‘pick up and play’ albeit rather badly.

One of the best things I did in Ingress was organise a ‘Shard’ event. This was a real life ‘mod’ that used the existing client and Intel map but allowed a slightly different game to be played.

It is my hope to expand on this and bring a variety of real life mods to the table to help people enjoy the game and play for more than just grinding levels, ap, and badges.


MS Paint & Publisher

Thursday, 29-01-09


Having to make do really encourages one to be imaginative. For years I’ve had access to Photoshop/Flash and a myriad of advanced graphics tools and programs. I am currently limited to MS Office! However with Publisher/Paint, an army of geometric shapes and the transparency function you can still put together some reasonable graphic designs.

Thanks for all the fish

Thursday, 15-05-08

Don't Panic photo by jl2003 @

Goodbye y11, sorry I wasn’t there to wave you off/guard the fire alarms/avoid the eggs and flour but all the best with your futures :).

I hope you all do really well in your exams and that you all put in your very best efforts, especially with your CiDA projects. On that note if anyone wants to promote any of their finished games then feel free to contact me and I shall place a link on this site.

If anyone produced an excellent Flash game and wants the chance to win a fame and fortune then have a look at the amazing Kongregate. This site rewards your gameplaying and creativity with badges and awards, or if you’re a developer you can win some great publicity, notoriety and cold, hard cash!

Again all the best with whatever you’ve chosen to do and take it easy on the fizzy pop ;).