Animation is the art of making still images look as if they are moving.

2D Animation

This is a quick animated .gif made using Macromedia Flash 8.

I recommend getting the demo and having a good play at home, you can get a copy here but you will have to register.

Intro to Flash tutorial

More stuff on Flash here. Includes how to make a couple of simple games! More advanced stuff here.

A good site to visit with some good tutorials – external image banner.gif

3D Animation

This video includes 3D animations composited onto some video footage. To make it I had to use the following programs:

A good introduction to 3D is Sketchup a free program by from Google that lets you build things in 3D as if you were sketching them.

If you are interested in trying out more complicated 3D animation then check out Maya PLE (Personal Learning Edition), which is a free 3D modelling and animation program.

What to do with stuff you’ve made

  • Put it online – Youtube is currently the most reliable, user-friendly method. Host your own if quality is important.
  • Put it on your Phone – This is an increasingly good way of sharing your stuff without limitation, although it can be quite technically demanding. Here is a tutorial on how I put video on my Sony Ericsson W810i.

Sound – Great site listing music tracks you can use in your videos/animations as long as you credit the author.

Podsafe – List of links to sites with music you can use because it has a Creative Commons license.

Other Stuff…

Sketchswap – Cool Sketching Site