All About Me

Mr Chenery

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I am currently an ICT Technician at Hillside CP School, Ipswich. I have also been a teacher of ICT at Hadleigh High School Ipswich. I have a wide variety of interests in Animation and Gaming through to Warhammer.

About Me

I am 27, live in Ipswich and I’ve taught for nearly 3 years. I have previously taught ICT at St.Albans High School and at East Bergholt High School. I have an MA in Computer Animation (Special Effects) from Bournemouth University. I also have a BA Hons in Radio, Film & Television Studies from Christchurch University College Canterbury.

Teaching Resources


– Quiz about the SPB. With 40 day warning
7.3_evaluation_quiz.swf – Newspaper Evaluation 2006
7.5openclosedquestions.swf – Matchup Quiz. Is the question an open or closed question
Database_revision_SPB_07.swf – Database Revision Quiz. Tables and validation
InfoPres_Quiz.swf – Information and Presentation Quiz. Search, advanced search, facts and bias.
Internet_Search.swf – Information and Presentation Quiz.
NewspaperQuiz_dtp_yr7.swf – DTP Quiz relating to newspapers
Portfolio_Key_Terms.swf – Key terms relating to portfolios
Purpose_of_Information.swf – Matchup Quiz relating to product purpose
Purpose_of_Information_II.swf – Matchup Quiz relating to product purpose
alarm.swf – Drag and drop control system keywords
car_park.swf – Drag and drop control system
database_comparison_75.swf – Drag and drop. Advantages and disadvantages of databases

Data_Storage_Spreadsheet.swf – Spreadsheet Data Collection form tutorial
Intro_to_Flash1.swf – Introduction to Flash tutorial.
Linking_Stuff_to_the_Forums.swf – Tutorial
Testing_Data_Storage_Spreadsheet.swf – Data Collection Tutorial

Subject Review – BECTA ICT self review


Useful ICT Resources, Lesson Plans, Cover work and Quizzes

I use these sites over and over again for some good example sample units, and the odd worksheet that goes nicely with what you’ve just prepared.


If you’re struggling to ,motivate students with Databases or Control Systems these resources can prove very motivational. – Target audience 11-16+ – Imagine a cross between object-oriented programming and Lego! – Imagine a cross between share-trading and Fantasy Football!

Online Software – Excellent Online miind-mapping software. – Webquests


Need help meeting that work/life balance? Try lightening the load with these automated assessment/revision sites. – Assessment and e-portfolio – Revision


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