Summer’s out for School

As much as I miss teaching my heart is lighting up with mischeivous glee this week.  Every time I see the ‘Schools Out’ Mastercard video (see below) a little devil pops up on my shoulder and a grin pops up on my face.

It always tickles me when seasonal adverts are slightly out of season as this one almost certainly is, as all my lovely teaching buds are almost certainly getting ready to knuckle down for another term on the rollercoaster ride that teaching is.

All the best for this week everyone, whether you are one of my charming ex-students or one of my underpaid, overworked and underappreciated ex-colleagues.


One Response to “Summer’s out for School”

  1. adam higgins Says:

    why did you go,
    we have had lots of yaer 7 playing at warhammer club. hop your having fun

    Adam h

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