Synergy – Online Presence

Hi all, you may have noticed a few changes to my lovely site. I’m playing around with my online presence at the mo (which is all over the place and seeing if I can bring some harmony to it. At most it has included bits and pieces from…

  • Google Reader
  • Flickr
  • WordPress
  • Youtube
  • A whole load of other places

Now instead of tying it all into my Facebook or Friendfeed like a lot of people do I am trying to do a lot of what I would do elsewhere on this site. For example the Site Header logo I am hoping to periodically replace with a new bit of my own artwork (instead of trying to create a new audience on flickr). Instead of embedding video on this blog I may simply link to my Youtube profile (as you need Youtube if anyone is ever going to watch any video you ever make). Finally WordPress already serves it’s purpose well when I have something serious to say (although I would love to be able to post from Twitter).

Now the reason I’m keeping things here is that I love the one-many aspect of ‘tradtional’ websites. As much as it’s great sharing everything with your mates (Facebook/Twitter) or with a specific group of people (Forums), nothing quite beats having a billboard of ideas up on the Internet that people will discover and choose to view.

I do like my Facebook presence, but without any kind of hierachy you get little reward for time and effort invested and without stat tracking or coherent use by the community you surround yourself with, I find it seems too shallow and often very empty.

I plan to continue trying to sync up as much of my creative, online energy into this one domain name. Other methods I’m planning include…

  • Adding ChenTV to every post (with more regular updates)
  • Getting ideas down in more detail more regularly (a lot of my Twitter stuff just seems to shoot off into infinity
  • Doing more and talking less about what i’m doing 🙂

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