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Convergence – “a meeting place” (

After playing with my fun shop GamazonE it is becoming increasingly obvious that web services are bouncing around all over the place and this synergy can be used in a very complex way. I’m still trying to figure it out but as I understand it you could have the following all talking to one another.

  • Blog (free website)
  • Adsense (adverts on blog)
  • Article including links to product being discussed (Amazon Associates links)
  • Video of product (Revver or Youtube with Adsense)

I have tried this all out on a hobby blog I have about Nintendo DS and PSP Homebrew. I’d be interested to hear your ideas, opinions on setting up something like this. Have I missed anything that could be added to my list of synergistic elements?

On a second note, I have mentioned my primary drive being Games and Stories, but it is important to consider that to have time to do these things you need Money. Maybe that is the third axis this website needs to keep winging it’s merry way across the Internet?

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6 Responses to “Converging Web Services”

  1. agrudolous Says:

    you want a game AND a story??

    World of warcraft noob xD

  2. mrchenery Says:

    Glad your still following things Chris. I heard the school were getting rid of any links to this site. All the best on your private server 🙂

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. Agrudolous Says:

    im playing retail again now private server didnt pose much of a challenge and naythan isnt on it anymore =D

    instant win tbh

    i will be using this site still from home btw xD SPB etc xD

    i have this on my faves at home so neh

    anyways GET WoW again i want to lol at your noobishness ^^ my mains levelling quickly not far off 70 now, im finnaly playing it properly and not getting distracted by pretty pixels, anyway yea xD

    play it again most of the faults for noobs like yourself have been fixed ^^

  5. agrudolous Says:

    agrudolous is a fail name ;D
    Rhuin is where its at xD
    i now play an rogue ^^

  6. mrchenery Says:

    Thou shalt not tempt me…

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