Goodbye Mr Chenery

Hi all,

As you may or may not know I have left Hadleigh High School. There are many reasons why I have left, and many reasons why it had to be so suddenly but I can’t really tell you them as it would take too long. Suffice to say that it is no-ones fault except, perhaps my own, so please don’t worry that you may have driven me spare or anything. I left entirely of my own accord and intend to have a break from teaching and try something new.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Hadleigh, the students were great (especially my forms) and I will miss all of you a great deal. If you wish to leave a fairwell message then please add a comment to this post.

All the best, and don’t work poor old Mr Green too hard 🙂

Mr Chenery


105 Responses to “Goodbye Mr Chenery”

  1. Eva Parkinson Says:

    bye sir,
    we will all miss you!!! good luck in your future career!! hope you come and visit us soon!!

  2. Misha and Alice Says:

    Bye sir

    Sorry you are leaving, we really enjoyed your lessons.
    Good luck in the future.

  3. aimee berry Says:

    i am so sorry to hear that u had to leave at such a short notice, but i just wanted to say that we could not get a better ICT teacher than you we miss you loads i have learnt loads hopefully our new teacher is as nice as you were because you would always come to us as soon as possible.

    xxxaimee from 7e xxxxxxx

  4. Sophie Chisnall Says:

    hi mr chenery,

    even though u wernt my form teacher i will still miss u and so will loads others such as: Holly Butler, Eva Parkinson and Lauren Seager. Thanks for your time at Hadleigh High School!

  5. Sophie Chisnall Says:

    hi mr chenery,

    even though u wernt my form teacher, i will still miss u, aswell as many others such as: Holly Butler, Eva Parkinson and Lauren Seager. Thanks for your time at Hadleigh High School!

  6. Olivia Western 7I Says:

    hi mr chenery i well really really really mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu you was the but teacher in ict good luck olivia western

  7. Jalen Rose Says:

    Hi Sir…

    No more warhammer club?!?!
    and i was just about to collect lizardmen…
    ..We (Me, Adam, Nick, Jack and James) Will all miss you

    Good Luck for the future


    Yooo dudee.. Ermm tbh i dont see why your going for ?? going too work in buyrights are yah ?? Have fun mate. 😀

  9. Sam bridge. Says:

    Great sir, ubve left me with 7L for a week:L
    Good luck for the future

  10. Ben Carver Says:

    Sad to hear you’re leaving sir, good luck and I hope you do well in whatever you plan on doing next

  11. chris parmenter Says:

    sup sir ^^
    sad to see your going =[
    and you still have to see my WoW vid =[
    i will post it on here or something =]
    it would be nice to see you again sometime come visit the school =D
    best of luck in your future career & if you ever see me in ipswich dont hesitate to say hi =]

  12. dylan andrade Says:

    you have made me fail you had to leave now didnt you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. karl Says:

    sir what you doing ..??!! leaving us half way through project :O!!!!!!!! good luk

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Hadleigh high won’t be the same without you… yes that was the sound of champagne corks popping. lol

    see ya later!

  15. david Says:

    hey hey unlucky to hear you have left
    hope you do well in the future
    an what the hell i am going to do with CIDA lol

  16. Matt Inchley Says:

    Sorry to see you go, CIDA will not be thesame, who will teach us Multmedia!!

  17. Jacqui Says:

    Sorry to see you go sir!!
    Shame cause i needed help and i can’t be bothered to ask Mr Green
    I was looking forward to doing animation with you!!
    Well me and Chelsey will miss you
    Sad to see you go!!

  18. connor and ryan Says:

    soz about ur job
    but uno shit happens!!!

    ps good luck wit warhammer!!!

  19. mrchenery Says:

    Thanks for all your supportive comments. Just to let you know the Buyright logo was a joke…I hope lol. All the best.

  20. Michael Avis Says:

    Sir asif u left wats going on!
    Half way through the project aswell lol
    Good luck with whatever you do next!

  21. ryan Says:

    i know y u left

    its because u didnt sponsor us that 50p for sport relief

  22. Mr Martin Says:

    Goodbye Jim!! Thanks for all your hard work with the website and everything else you have undertaken in your quiet and unassuming way. You will be thoroughly missed in school. Best of luck for the future!

  23. Leah Clapham Says:


    Sorry u have left. We will miss u as our ict teacher!!!!
    Goodluck for the future!!!
    Have fun whatever u do!!!!
    Thanks 4 all your time at hadleigh high sir.!!!

  24. Andrew Says:

    why do you have to go?
    your so much better than mr green!!
    will miss you

    now ive got no one to talk to abut flash!! 😦
    good luck

  25. Andrew Says:

    oh yea, 1 more thing –
    now i cant have you for CidA!! :(:(

  26. niki faulkner Says:

    :O:O:O:O:O i cannot believe you sir!!! leaving us during our GCSEs!!!! ASIF!!! Very disappointing!!!

    well good luck in the future, whatever you decide to do, lets just hope its not teaching ey ;)…………….you might leave them at stupid time like you did us!!! THANKS SIR!!!

  27. Anonymous Says:


  28. jessica Says:

    goodbye mr chenery we will miss you

  29. louise hutchison Says:

    omg:O dont leave 😛

    good luck in tha future.. and come and visit us haha

  30. andrew taylor Says:


    i am so sorry that you are leaving
    you were such a good ict teacher
    i hope you are happy in your new job

    from andrew 7i

  31. louise hutchison Says:

    byeee mr c
    gonna miss ya


  32. Emma Dobson Says:

    Take care sir.

    Leaving me and Bridgey with 7L.. tuh!!

    Have fun



  33. Holly Butler Says:

    hiya sir,
    good luck wid ur future career u goin to work in buyright 😛 anyway cya u were a good form tutor

  34. Shannon & Misha Says:

    Hi mr chenery, We are very sorry to hear that you have left.
    U were the best ICT teacher in the school. Don’t worry, we won’t work to hard.
    C ya soon (hopefully)

    Shannon Hall 7I
    Misha Dewes 7I

  35. Anon Says:

    At such short notice too.


  36. Sum1 Says:

    Sorri if we made yur job harder than it shuda bin.

    good luck x

  37. meee Says:

    Hi sir

    sorry if we made ur tym here hard, hope u get a gd job in the future.
    mis ya

  38. Rosie Nd Alice =] Says:

    Hi Sir =]
    We Got A Supply Teacher Atm
    N Wer Actualli Doin R Work 8-|

    Hav Fun At Buyright 😉

  39. jordan & jack Says:

    itee sir what a shame you had to go but nether mind gd luck in buy rights

  40. Nick Says:

    Hi mr c me and the rest of my group will miss u u were the best ict teacher in the world.
    Nick Lindsay

  41. james buxton Says:

    bye mr chenery school wont be the same without you nither will warhammer club

  42. Nick Says:

    bye sir my groub will miss u so cya
    how we going to ogo the warhammer traniment so u no how…….
    huuuuuuu miss u bye
    Nick Lindsay

  43. 8Y1 Says:

    Hello on behalf of 8Y1 we all wanted to say goodbye and thanks for all the times you kept us back for break but we never knew you would go so soon.
    Good luck in what ever you decide to do

    8 Y1

  44. ???A??? Says:

    sir i thought you were the best teacher ever!


    P.s I’ve hidden your board rubber

  45. apple man Says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  46. ermm...mee Says:

    heyy y have you gone and i dont no why i am saying this but wtf….!!!ha=]

    bi i guess 2 schools causing trouble…yeahhhh…..

    loveeeeittt #


  47. Laurenn.. Says:

    Your well mean.. you didnt even accept my comment i left. It was like an essay.. Are you seriously crazy :L ?

  48. Hannah Says:

    Heyy Sir =]
    Have fun at buyright :L
    Byeeeee x

    Btw.. this now means me and hettie have to work. Plus, hettie nd sian cant get geek points!!!!!!!!!! =[

  49. Hettie & Hannah (: Says:

    Ooooh Maaan! Whyd Youu Have To Goo? Now Mee Ndd Hannah Have To Work Nd We Had This Chair Freak Teaching Us! He Was Weird :L He Came Up Behind Me Nd Told Me To Stand Up Coz My Chair Was Broken Or Somthing Ndd Then He Asked Wat The Matter Was Coz I Asked Hannah Something :L
    Dunno If Its True But (Y) If Yuur Working In BuyRight (:

  50. sian Says:

    l8z dude no more geek no hoo will teach us :L

  51. Geraint White Says:

    Bye mr chenery

    Why did u leave? U were a real good teacher. will u still run your website and post cool stuff on it?

    CYa you dint hav2 go.

    😦 😦

    from Geraint


    By mr chenery
    Why dyu leave 😦

    You dint hav2 u were a great teacher we all miss u loads

    Good luck in woteva u doin now cya

  53. Naythan Grant Says:

    Remember sir, in times of great peril….Do a Barrel Roll

  54. kirsty f Says:

    hope you have a good time in ur new job U LEFT US !!!!! lol good luck!

  55. kay Says:


    i am sorry to hear that u r leaving
    but the thing that makes me laugh is that u r going to work in buy right y dnt u go and work in asda or something coz that is much betta than buy right but at the end if the day its your choice where u go and work
    have a gd time in the future


  56. kay Says:

    we are making sure that mr green i working hard and taking over ur job well

    bi bi

  57. Charlotte Taylor. Says:

    Omg sir, why did you go so suddenly? rather confusin tbh! :S.. never actually understood ict, but it was cool xD.. haha!. Yeah well, good luck in the future, we will miss you. Might see you in buy rights some time (Y) Not really, i never go there, even though you can bag a bargain :L. Best shop by far..not.

  58. Emily && Rachel UNderhill =] Says:

    HI SIR !!!

    We just wanted 2 tell you . ..

    Were GUna miss Ya dearly =]

    n btw…

    When ure naughty on fridays…

    theres no-were 2 go as a punishment…




  59. Helena. (H) Says:

    Howdy. :L

    Unlucks about leaving..But hey, don’t blame you. LOL XD

    Good luck in the future..=]

    And yeah..

    I hate ICT. =D

  60. mee Says:

    sir,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,. i went 2 buy right the other day n they sed they’d never heard of a mr chenery.,.,.,.,.suspicious heyy. i bet ur still at skul , hiding in the cupboard or summin

  61. eva Says:

    loads of people hav been asking round skool y did mr.chenery leave, so cant u just tell us please!! 2 stop the gossip?
    cheerz sir 4 all ur hard work!! i no we r a handful and dont shut up but we r workin on it!! lol
    we now hav mrs.chamberlain as a form tutor!! can u cum visit?

    bye sir, hav a gd future career in watever u choose to do!!
    wat r u gunna do?

  62. Leah Clapham Says:

    I hope u didn’t eat too many Easter Eggs?!
    What did u do?
    Did u play in the snow?!!!!!
    It was gr8!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Do ya know who our I.C.T teacher is now?
    Hopefully u can come in2 school 1 day 4 a visit….
    Miss ya

  63. dom steer Says:

    hi sir
    i have missed u in our it lessons and it is a shame that u had 2 go
    but unfortionaly its life.

    just wondering who is goin 2 be our new teacher now?
    bey sir w.b lol
    were do u work now…

  64. Izzy Says:

    Bye mr chenery

    Good luck!

  65. anita ** Says:

    bye sir
    sorry 2 hear u was leavin and loads of people have been askin why u left!!!
    come visit us soon !!!!
    were really tryin 2 shut up still lol!!

  66. Katie Says:

    I hope the future brings you luck. Its sad that you’re gone… who’s gonna help me with my gcses?! ahhh
    Well, take care!


  67. Ranieri Claudio Says:

    Why Did You Leave ?

    Anywazz hehe

  68. ???? Says:

    celebrate good times c’mon!

  69. ching chong china man Says:

    you got sacked and made warhammer club cry thankyou very much

    p.s your board rubber is still hidden supply teacher in anger stage

    we are NOT sorry you had to leave

  70. ching chong china man Says:

    we all stole your board rubber and instead of work we visit

    p.s we really hate you and we are glad you left

  71. Samuel Clarke Says:

    sir i luv u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

  72. Mr Chenery Says:

    I hate you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    get off my site omg! :)(:

  73. mrchenery Says:

    Imposter ^ 🙂

  74. the real mrchenery Says:

    What whats he taking the mickey!
    whata FLIPPING LIBERTY!!!! 🙂

  75. jake grimsey Says:

    i heart u, u DUM BASHER! i will never forget u and those things i learnt goodbye!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  76. ali newbigging Says:


  77. Flubbalubb Says:


  78. Flubbalubb Says:


  79. nicole, mica,lucy Says:

    we all love u and think that we should write a song

    we love the way your ginger hair smells yeah!!!
    most of all i like the way u kiss

  80. Hobo Fan Says:

    Warhammer club people have all killed themselves
    And it’s like, all your fault!
    We’re gonna sue you!!
    Go to you’ll love it! 😉

  81. Not telling Says:

    The bottom comments are rather inapropriate.

  82. Cantt say. Says:

    Everyone is saying:

    That you got fired

    Is this true?

  83. Molly Says:

    OMG :O

    Lucyy and jake.



  84. mrchenery Says:

    This is the longest comments section on my whole site lol. Nice to know I made an impression at Hadleigh. Please read the whole post before you add comments as it is pointless answering the same question over and over.

  85. i luv re :) Says:

    hi mr c ur still checking this u r so sad give it up m8 🙂

  86. . Says:


  87. ? Says:

    Why does it say

    Quick what a slug?

    That doenst make sense :S

  88. mr chenery's fan club. Says:

    i miss you
    i miss your smile
    and i still shed a tear every once in a while

    we love you sir!
    and we’ll never let go!

    warhammer club is now a republic.
    we think we should give up, even though we’re extremely talented at pretending to fight with midget figurines.
    warhammer is my life
    my soul


  89. --- Says:

    There have been rumours that you work in buyright.
    Is this true?
    And why did u leave??

  90. Hobo Fan Says:

    Have a nice day 🙂

  91. Hobo Fan Says:

    haha you hillbilly still checking this.

    :L jokes sir love you really (;

  92. bobzzz Says:

    wag1 mrchenery!!! wassup???? we all miss u!! xx

  93. Hobo Fan Says:

    sir, i have grave news. the leader of warhammer club (james buxton) has unfortunately retired form the profession. it’s a shock to us all, he was incredibly talented. i am now temporary leader, and am enjoying it muchly. do you miss us? we miss you! please come back to us it hasn’t been the same without you and your presense. BYEALL!

  94. stampcollecter241 Says:

    i am in the process of crying while writing this unfortunate letter. i have been crying myself to sleep every night since your ‘leaving’. i am so sorry to hear the have taught to love and to hate, to have and to hold. and forever more, to type. djfhserfvserg.
    thnks for all the pleasurable experiences i had with you.
    lots of love; r.i.p, have you got a job in buy right?
    say hi to barry.
    love from the stampcollecter241 😉

  95. shannon hall Says:

    we all miss ya

    from shannon hall and
    olivia western
    7I well 8I now

  96. mr.chenery lover. Says:

    hi babes. just wanted to say i miss you so much. Your smile and your harmonious voice soothed me to sleep
    but i never slept in your lessons.

    lots of love

  97. hellodingo(: Says:

    mr.chenery hows it goinnnngg dude? 😎
    y’all miss us? i bet you do 🙂
    so, what are you up to at the moment.. ? are you still made redundant or have you got a proper job in the OAP home i heard from a valuble source.
    are you still an award winning athlete? i also heard that 😀
    please reply asap. im waiting…
    bye baby xx

  98. Speed Kills:/ Says:

    I am so upset i have only just found out the bad news. I am crying, i have been suffering from depression and this has just put a massive cloud over my head. I will come and see you at Buyright. I think Buyright is a brilliant name, and it sells decent stuff, i buy all my acsesories from there from knocked down prices. They sell Budhas:)Where abouts do u work, on the cheakouts? Tbh sir I think you were the best teacher HHS has ever had and ever will have. HHS is nothing without your lovley ginger locks. When i am depressed I the first thing that I turn to is the drink, what about you. This is a really personal message sir and I hope that noone will have the incredibly cold hart to take the micky out of this incredibly long message. A lot of time and effort has been put into this message and it is all for you Jim.

  99. Oliver Ross Hanley 9l Says:

    Hi sir, its your good chum Oliver.

    I love you so much sir, more than my family, more then anyone in the whole world. Love you so much again, you devine thing. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXoXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  100. i don't quite know. Says:

    i miss you sir. 😥

  101. apple man Says:

    Your board rubbers are still hiden and you’ll never find them. rocks :P.Warhammer club has all seen the sense of the school not for warhammer club.
    All the figures have been gold plated and buffed to a glittering finish!

  102. :D Says:

    Hi sir i used to be the coolest kid in the school. But since you showed up i have become a smaller version of you. I love computers ( im a nerd ) and i love warhammer club. The way little figurines hold eachother and shoot things at eachother, but most of all i like the way i get to play with my ginger and nerdy friends. But most of all i got a pair of glasses from specsavers just like yours but in polka dots. I loved the way you dressed and im trying to get the head teacher to make a school uniform just like what you wear…. cotton tops ;). I really really miss you, you were my mentor, my friend, my true love and i miss you. Although when i look in the mirror i see a perfect little mr C. and it makes me sooo happy. I love you sir and i have made so many friends from year 7 and i love them, bless their little cotton socks. Love you you big nerd. 😉 x

  103. Hobo Fan Says:

    i still think about you everyday. your lessons were immense and we were always on the edge of our seats when you were explaining to us the importance of spreadsheets.
    your foam spray is impeccable, it’s scrubbed up my screen rather well actually.
    you are so important to me, that I’m skipping valuable lesson time to write this. i hope you read it with gratitude and respect, for you are my God. I heart you more than you’ll ever know sir.
    Pray for your ex-students!
    I pray for you, I hope you’re healthy and happy.
    Have you meet that special woman yet?
    If you need any financial help, give me a buzz 😉
    I LOVE YOU forever <33

  104. Xxx_Samuel calrke_xxX Says:

    yeah boi!

    tonight though.

  105. mrchenery Says:

    i am sad. i have finally come to terms with that. as for all of you imposters on my site, pretending to be me, get the hell of my blog! i have waited years for my own blog! how could you! i hate you all! leave my website now!!!

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