Annual Reflection


1) You must go to and complete the 7.6 Control quiz.

It’s your last chance to perfect your year 7 portfolio!

2) You must sure your Control Systems work is displayed appropriately on your portfolio.

3) You should go through your portfolio and make sure you have added work from all the topics we have covered this year.

7.1 – All About Me Presentation

7.2 – Research Project

7.3 – Newspaper Publishing

7.4 – Spreadsheet Modelling

7.5 – Data Capture and Presentation

7.5 – Control Systems

4) You could open Paint and draw me a picture that shows a bit of everything we have done this year – I will give you the flickr address at the end of the lesson so you can upload it to the picture of the day.

Hint – Click on picture of the day and look at what some of the other year 7 groups have drawn to give you an idea.