Start to Finish


With 4 lessons remaining here are my top tips to come out smiling for the summer holidays.

Lesson 1/4 – Prioritise. Pick out one last bit of the project that you can do well and get it done.

Lesson 2/4 – Skim through all your publications (preferably with a test buddy) and make last minute tweaks to finish them off and pick up extra marks (use the walkthrough perhaps?). Start your project review and work on it for Homework.

Lesson 3/4 – Complete your project review. Show it to me, show it to other people and check the mark alert and mark scheme to make sure it says everything it should. Add this and any remaining work to your portfolio.

Lesson 4/4 – Make some final touches to your portfolio. Present it to the highest standard you can manage. Export your portfolio to disc.

Can’t make all your files work with the Moderators Toolkit? 

You need to convert your Office documents to .PDF

– Word, Publisher, Access and even Spreadsheets if you just want them to be READ ONLY.

A good website that does this for you is…