8.6 Movie Release!

You must complete and present your Movie

Your Studio should introduce your movie in a suitable way on your portfolio

You could guage public opinion of your completed movie, and reflect on how well it would do if it were to have a Cinematic release.

Save a finished Movie to the Internet 

1) Make sure you are happy with your movie

– Title, start, middle, end, credits, coherent style and effects

2) Save Movie to your Computer – How to do this

3) Add the Movie to the Internet using mydesktop – How to do this

Add a Hyperlink to your portfolio

5) Go to and edit  the Movie page on your portfolio

6) Write the name of the link, select the text

7) Click on the Hyperlink button  and then paste the Shortcut you selected earlier into the box that says URL.

8) Click save and then test your link to watch it play your video!