7.6 Project Hand-In

– You must submit your work on Control Systems.

– You should introduce your Control Systems page.

– You could reflect on what you have learnt, and how your successes Controlling Traffic Lights and Burglar alarms could be used in the outside world. Read the extension* to give you some hints about what to write.

1) Print Screen your Logicator Flow Diagrams

2) Open Paint, click on Edit and then Paste.

3) Format the image appropriately and then save the file as a .jpeg

4) Login to Hadnet and load up your portfolio.

5) Edit  or make a new page  called Control Systems.

6) Use the Files Box  to add your image to the page.

*Extension – Summarise and explain the topic ‘Control Systems’.

What does it mean if your system ‘Loops’? 

Why is it important for your system to ‘Loop’

How can you get a sensor to contantly check for an input?

Why is it important to test Control Systems?

Give examples of how you can test Control Systems and compare the advantages and disadvantages of your examples.