E-Portfolio Resources

Finishing Touches 

1) Your portfolio should already be quite solid. To help you with the finishing touches, check out the links below.

DIDA Delivered – Excellent site to help you with your portfolio. Check out the example portfolios.

BBC E-Portfolio Checklist – Walkthrough of setting up a portfolio.

Example portfolio – An example to give you an idea of what you should be coming up with.


2) You would also be wise to thoroughly test it

– Check that your links work

– Check that it includes everything here Level 2/Level 1

– Make sure it will work with the Moderators Toolkit.

– Get your test buddy to go through all the steps above too.


3) To hand it in you will need to export it as a web page.

– Go to myportfolio>management

– Find your homepage at the top of the list

– Click Export and then select a destination and HTML