Year 9 – Style & Genre

You can enhance your films by giving them a genre and an appropriate style.

Film Styles – Wikipedia

Film Genre – Wikipedia

What Film Styles are you aware of? What Film Styles suit particular Genres?

1) Decide what Genre and Film Style you are going to apply to your Movie.

2) You must change the Font type, size and colours on your titles to make them an appropriate style for the genre of your film.

3) You should choose a consistent effect to apply to apply to all your titles and images. You should refine your images to make them more appropriate for the genre of your film.

4) You could add some scenes that relate directly to the genre (cliché) and present them using an appropriate style.

Extension – Alter the timing of your scenes to tell the story better.

Action = Fst

Details = Sllloooooooooooowww


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