Stop-Frame Animation


Watch this example. Stop-Frame Juggler 

Save the image above to your computer.

Main Course

Making your frames. 

1) Open the original image in Paint

2) Add a character to the image

3) Save As with the name 01_anim

4) Repeat this process but increment the number in the file name by 1

Importing your animation.

1) Open Movie-Maker

2) Go to Tools>Options>Advanced

3) Set the Picture duration and Transition duration to 0.125

4) Go to Import Pictures, select all your pictures and add them to the timeline.

You should save the finished movie to your computer Finish Movie>Save to my computer.

You could add your finished movie to your mydesktop space and add a link to your portfolio.


Watch you’re finished animation and pick out 1 thing you’re pleased with and two things that you would improve. Ask the person next to you to watch yours and get them to pick out two things that they like and one thing that they would have done differently.

If you have added your work to your portfolio we may be watching it on the projector.