Videos – Post Production



Once you’ve made your videos you need to find an audience. Before you can find an audience you need to get your videos in a format and in a place where they can see them.

1) Render your movie as a .avi or .wmv video file.

– Go to Finish Movie>Save to my computer

– Browse to find your ‘my documents’

– Show more choices>Other Settings>Video for Broadband (512kbps)

– Click next to make the movie. If it doesn’t work you need to clear some space in ‘my documents’ or pick a lower quality video (340kbps or 150kbps).

Main Course 

1) You now need to put your video somewhere people can watch it.

– Go to mydesktop>Home Pages>Page Uploader

– Go to the top, click browse and then locate your video

– Find it, click on it and then click open

– Click upload

2) From here we need to get a link back from the Internet and onto your portfolio/movie page.

– Find your video in the list

– Right-click>Copy Shortcut (this stores the Internet address of your video

3) We now need to turn this address into a Hyperlink on your portfolio.

– Go to your Movie page or make one if you don’t already have one.

– Click edit this page .

– Write the name of your Movie>Select the text>Click the Hyperlink button .

– Paste the Internet address where it says Link URL.

– Click insert.

Save your page and then test your link to see if it works. The movie should open in Media Player. If it all works you need to add an Introduction to this page explaining the Movie you put on there and get a screen grab of your movie on the page as an image.


Add a message, image and your url (Internet address) to the noticeboard below.

Video Noticeboard