Year 8 – Production Deadline 3 weeks

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Watch the beginning of Chenery Wars

How have I used the titles to attract attention?

How much do you know about the location, character and story?

Main Course 

2) Start making your film. Choose how you want to make it and start creating the titles for the start of your film.

You can make your film…

– Frame by frame or by animating ‘movie clips’ in Macromedia Flash.


– ‘Hand drawing’ or making a collage of each scene in PowerPoint


– Adding Titles and Images to Movie-Maker.

You must have your introduction titles completed

You should have started your film and have completed the first scene

You could have introduced your location and main characters


3) Update your portfolio film website with the progress you have made today.

Add things like…

– Date

– Tasks completed

– Problems encountered

– Plans for next lesson.

The best 3 films will be entered into the Hadleigh Film Festival just before the summer holiday. They will each be given a mini-website and you will be able to vote for your favourite. You have 4 weeks to complete your films, you can work in groups if you wish and I will try and show you some new techniques each week to help you make the most of your time. Get film making!!!