Spike’s Sticky Spears



What is narrative structure?

1) What comes in the middle of:

– Once upon a time…

– …

– Happily ever after.

2) Continuity is all about making sure each action has a reaction. For example, if a house is on fire at the start of a film, later on in the film it will be burnt down and maybe even rebuilt if the story progresses that far. A good thing to watch for in films is to see if the injuries characters have, heal towards the end of the film.

Main Course 

Today your design brief is to come up with an exciting advert for Spike Pokemard owner of the popular pointed weapon retailers Spike’s Sticky Spears.

1) Open Movie Maker (Start>All Programs>Core Programs>Movie Maker).

2) Import your video (Shared Folder>ICT>Year 9>Mr Chenery>Roman Edit).

3) You must make sure your story makes sense, by putting it in the correct order.

4) You should add appropriate titles, slogans and catchphrases. Present these using an appropriate font/colour scheme/style.

5) You could save your movie and add it your portfolio (Finish Movie>Send to web).