8.6 Bored? Story! :)

Star Wars Storyboard

LOTR Storyboards

Simpsons Storyboard

Today you are going to storyboard your film. A great way of doing this is to design your main scenes in Presentation software and then these can be either played back or printed out in a Storyboard format.

Main Course 

You must

1) Read through your story from last lesson.

2) Pick out the main things that happpen.

3) Make a Slide for each of these main scenes by either:

– Drawing it in Paint or Flash (stick men are ok). Then  Copy & Paste into PowerPoint.

– Making a collage of images from the Internet

– Photographing ‘mock ups’ of your main scenes

4) Each scene should have:

– A shot number

– A description or some dialogue

– You could have additional notes as to how it will be shot (Long Shot, Medium Shot or Close Up)

5) When you’re finished add your Powerpoint to your Portfolio.


You should also include an image of your storyboard.

– Go to view>slide sorter and get all your images on one page

– Print screen and paste into Paint

– Save as .jpeg and add to your portfolio page next to your presentation.

Extension – Add some constructive criticism to other students reflections.