7.6 Control Systems

Computers are often used to control things, in factories computers automate production lines and systems allowing lots of simple but boring jobs to be done quickly and easily.


Our little class robot is going to help us create and automate a system, but first we need to learn some keywords, decide on a system to automate and then we need to work out the mark scheme for this term.

1) Follow the link to do some warm-up keyword games – Control games.

2) Make a new page in your portfolio called Control.

3) Human Roverbot simulator. I need 3 volunteers.

4) Write down the ‘program’ that our Roverbots used in your portfolio.

5) Complete the control system for the Security door, by opening the link below.

Control System

6) You should be able to print screen your finished version and add the image to your portfolio.

7) You could explain what sensors it uses.

Extension – Design a logo for your Robot Team. Choose an appropriate name, colour scheme and image in your logo. Add this to your portfolio. We will use it again later when you design your Robot’s body.