Music Videos weren’t invented by MTV. Len Lye made the film Colour Box (above) as an advert for the Post Office in 1935.

Do you think they made the music for the video or the video for the music? Why?

You are going to make a music video for the rock band ‘The Pebble Dashers’.

1) Put some video editing softtware back together first by having a go at this puzzle

1) Then follow the link to

2) Go to ‘Add photos from Flickr’ and type in ‘videochenery’ as the account name.

3) You need to pick a song that matches the band.

4) You need to decide where you are going to get the visuals for your music video from.

– You can create images in Paint, Paint Shop Pro or Flash.

– You can use existing Copyright free images.

– You can make, or take your own images.

5) When you are done save your work by registering, then check your e-mail

6) Show the person next to you and get them to write a review on your portfolio.

Extension/Homework – Bring in your headphones and any videos, images or audio you require to make a music video next week in movie-maker.