8.6 Movie Maker

Animation using people

This term your Film Studio will be creating it’s first feature. As our studios are all on a much smaller scale than traditional studios we are going to use a method that’s perfect for small scale film production.




You will need to write a script, storyboard your animation and then get all Aaardman with our Digital Cameras.

So what are you waiting for?

A script is basically a version of your story broken down into smaller pieces, to help you plan your storyboard and to help you design everything that needs to be in the film.

Example script for an episode of Doctor Who

Example script for a short story like you are about to make

Template – Only use this if you get really stuck!

1) You must look at the two examples above, and leave the second one about short stories open.

2) Open Word and you must add your name and address to the top of the page.

3) You should Format this so that it is aligned to the left.

4) You must add the title and your name.

5) You should center the text and then write your short story. No more than 2 pages.

6) You could format your page to be double-spaced (Format>Paragraph>Spacing>Line Spacing>Double).

Extension – Include your Surname / Name of story in capital letters / page number on the page header. Do this by going View>Header & Footer>then add the details to the boxes that appear at the top and bottom of the page.

The link to the right is a basic tutorial showing how we will be making our movies – Stop Motion Tutorial

Save your work and add it to your Film Studio portfolio page