7.5 Database Portfolio Spring Clean

It’s the last week of term and you need to make sure you have handed in work for me to mark. You also need to have presented your portfolios as well as you possibly can.

You MUST have:

– A page called Data Capture or Questionnaire

– Title and introduction

– Appropriate images

You SHOULD have:

– Questionnaire (Word or Excel)

– Data Collection Form (Excel)

– Image of your Database table (Print Screen)

– Presented you work well using appropriate images and colour schemes

You COULD have:

– Added data to your Database and taken a second Print Screen

– Taken a Print Screen of your completed Flash Worksheet

– Added a Reflection for each complete bit of work

When you’re sure you’ve done all this go to Yacapaca by clicking the picture below.

1) You MUST complete the ‘Unit 7.5 Assessment’ (it will help me mark your work on Databases)

2) You SHOULD complete ‘Level 3 Standard Timing’ (It should be a really easy quiz that will let Yacapaca give you an accurate level for the year)

3) You COULD then add some reflections to everyone else’s Database work on the HadNet myclasses page.