29 Days Later


We now have less than 29 days left till the deadline. I also checked my online CiDA calendar and realised I’d placed a big chunk of work on the half-term holiday. This means we have about 4 weeks left = 10 lessons to complete the following.

Information Pack

–  Eat me, drink me

– Food makeover cards

– Pack Folder

Snack Attack

– Four digital posters


– Pages for every part of project

– Work uploaded to pages

– Pages presented appropriately


Need some help? 

If you’ve been finding holtytm.com useful for tutorials then you might also want to try out teach-ict.com for video tutorials on most of the main functions in Access, Excel, Dreamweaver and Flash.

Excel videos – Useful for Reality Check, Project plan and Project log

Dreamweaver videos – E-portfolio

Access videos – Five-a-day database, Reality Check results