7.5 Databases


Have a quick go at this Database quiz.

Database Quiz

Main Course

1) Open up Access Start>All programs>Core Programs>Microsoft Access 2000

2) You should check out this video on how to set up a Database – Database Video

– Once Access is open click ‘Start New Database’

– Type in the name ‘Questionnaire’ and click ‘create’

– Click ‘Table using Design Wizard’

3) You must to set up a Field for each of the questions on your questionnaire

– Field names should be one word

– Data type is the type of data e.g number/letter/yes or no

– Descriptions should describe what data is being stored  

For example…

BuildAnOutdoorPool – Yes/No – This field stores data on whether people wanted the pool or not

4) You could Click the triangle in the top left corner and have a go at adding some data to your Table


1) Print screen your Table in Design View 

2) Paste it into Paint

3) Crop the bits you don’t want

4) Save it as a .jpg

5) Add it to an appropriate page on your portfolio


If you get a chance at the end have a go at this Database Comparison Flashsheet.