Eat me, drink me

Taking it’s name from Alice in Wonderland, you should now be starting on an Information Pack. It should include the following:

– The results from your test buddies Reality Check (evidence of what it looks like printed)

–  Evidence that you’ve searched your Database twice (for items recommended by your test buddies Reality Check) and of your results

If you need it here is a direct link to Eat me, Drink me.

1) You need to go back to your Database and write a Query to look for one of the things your Test Buddy was shown to be lacking e.g not enough Green or not enough Veg.

2) You’ll need to screen grab each query. I would put these in a word document as later on your need somewhere to collect feedback on your Database results.

3) You’ll need evidence of your results. This could be a screen grab of the table your search brings up, or you could create a Report and take an image of that for a more appropriately formatted image.

Don’t forget – It asks you to get comments on your Database Results. Note these down either in your log/diary or add them to your Word document. You will need them for your project review.