8.5 – Market Research

A lot of your Film Studio structure is now in place, but before you start spending your funding you need to make sure you are making something your audience wants to see.

You find out what they want to see to design an electronic form. Your budget will allow you to control the following:

– Acting quality

– Film length

– Distribution method (where your audience can see it)

– Quality of Special Effects

– Quality of story

– Film genre (type of film)

– Marketing Budget (Advertising)

Data Collection Form 

Click the link to the right for an example – film_form

To maximise your profit you need to find out what your target audience (12-13 year olds) would pay to see. Using Excel (Start>All Programs>Microsoft Office>Microsoft Word

1) You must incldue at least 5 questions relating to the films you wish to make

2) You must include your film studio logo and a title for the document

3) You should include the address of your film studio in a letterhead

4) You should introduce the audience to the Data Collection Form explaining how to fill it in

5) You should include all the answers that could be given (unless it is an open question)

6) You could include space next to every answer for data to be entered


1) You must make all important information stand out (bold)

2) You should Format each question so you have appropriate space for the answer/s

3) You could direct the audience by adding borders to data entry Cells and adding ‘Help’ boxes to difficult/open questions

4) You could add drop-down box to speed up data entry and minimise mistakes