7.5 Market Research

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Today you are all market research specialists.

As you may have heard, the council have proposed to build a large outdoor swimming pool in Hadleigh.

Your job as market researchers is to find out what your target audience (12-13 years old) thinks of the proposals. To gather the data you must use the following tools:

– Questionnaire

– Data Collection Form


1) You must Print Preview your Questionnaire. Check how many pages it will print out and if it is a reasonable number (less than 5) print it out.

2) You must complete your own Questionnaire. 

3) You must swap Questionnaire’s with the person next to you and complete it.

4) Your teacher will now rearrange you, when you are seated swap Questionnaire’s with the person next to you and complete it.

Data Collection Form 

5) You should now open up your Data Collection Form and add up all the answers you have recieved.

6) Add these numbers to the boxes on your Data Collection Form.

7) You could now add these completed documents to your portfolio (link to the new version of your Data Collection Sheet, scan your Questionnaire).

Extension – Open up Access (Start>All Programs>Microsoft Office>Access) and start a new Database called Swimming Pool. You will then need to go to ‘Table in Design View’ and start adding all the main ANSWERS to your Questionnaire down the left-hand side of the table.