This years Warhammer Painting & Modelling Competition categories are below but what should be won for each prize. Look at the list at the bottom and match the categories to the prizes and send me an e-mail of what you come up with. 


Best Painted Army – Must meet the School League Rules

Best Individual Model – Any GW games system

Best Conversion – Any GW games system

Most sporting gamer – WHC Member vote

Most beardy – WHC Quiz


  • Limited edition White Dwarf Poster
  • Soul Drinker – Ben Counter
  • Trollslayer – William King
  • Xenos – Dan Abnett
  • Harlequin – Ian Watson
  • Issue No.1 Inferno (old games workshop magazine, good Ebay price?)
  • Assortment of other GW magazines including Warhammer Monthly & Black Crusade mini-novel (good Ebay prices?)
  • What should win what?

    Deadline for submissions is 1st July 2007. For more information please e-mail or speak to Mr Chenery.