Year 9 – How much do you know about the KS3 Online Test?

Listen to this article
Listen to this article



1) You must have a quick look at this great revision website –

2) You should make sure that you have fully explored the page and have a quick go at this test about the test. Test Test

Main Course 

3) Login to the Practice and try and you must complete one task from the test to the best of your ability.


4) Go to the forums and find the year 9 online test discussion. Write some difficult questions about the online test.

5) Refresh the page.

6) Find a question you can answer, click the reply button NEXT to their question and write your answer.

7) Refresh the page and check to see how people answered yours and other peoples questions.

Extension –

a) Copy 5 of the questions and answers out of the forum onto a new portfolio page called Online Test FAQ.

b) Save it.

c) Display it on all the yeat 9 portfolio viewers.