KS3 Online Test – Sandbox Mode

1) Today you are going to have a ‘play’ with the KS3 Online Test. This means you can…

– Try things out

– See what works and what doesn’t

– Find out the best way to work through it

…all without worrying (too much) about how well you are answering the questions. Using Software in this way is often referred to as using it in Sandbox mode.

2) At different points in the test I will stop you all and will have some questions for you relating to the test.

3) At the end of the test I’m expecting you to have answers to most, if not all of the questions below

a) How many main tasks (e-mails) are there?

b) How long should you spend on each one?

c) What should you do if you run out of time for a task?

d) How can you give yourself more space to work in?

e) Can you switch from one program to another, and if so then how?

f) What Windows shortcuts also work in this online test?