CiDA Checklist


As your deadline is looming ever nearer CiDA DEADLINE I thought it would be a good idea for you all to check where you are and where you should be.

CiDA Checklist

1) Your initial project plan should be complete.

  • All the main tasks should be broken up into smaller, manageable pieces
  • It needs to be filled in with all the start/finish dates of everything you need to complete for the SPB
  • If you are unsure of dates, use your planner and guestimate
  • Present it using a good colour scheme, that will match your e-portfolio
  • Add comments/notes/colour codes that help explain how it works

2) Your sources document should be complete.

  • This should include all the places you are collecting images/information
  • Don’t forget to include yourself as a primary source for Photos and Drawings etc.

3) You should have started your e-portfolio

  • You need to add your finished bits of work as you complete them so that I can see they are ok and you can leave each other feedback
  • It should show a good outline of the whole SPB (e.g pages or links for each bit of the project)
  • I should be able to see it’s being updated reguarly (updates to your log, new work added etc.)

4) You should be a good way into the Database section

  • Table should be complete, base this on the word document table in the SPB
  • You should have added some basic Validation (text, numeric) and you will need to add a Validation rule or two (“R” or “B” etc.)

This is not a very big bit of work and I would expect most of you to finish the Database, including getting Screen Grabs and putting them on myportfolio, today.

What else should I do today?

A) Make sure your Database section is complete

B) Update your log (saying how things are going and any problems or solutions that are occuring)

C) Update your project plan. You should now be working on your final plan, adding when you actually start and finish things and adding comments and notes to it.

D) Start planning your Reality Check!