Warhammer Club Returns!

“Citizens rejoice, as it were foretold, from the taverns of Altdorf to the bitter lands of the Chaos wastes that claimed the once hopeful Mr Youngs, a young wanderer has emerged to lead the eternal forces of the Warhammer world into conflict once more.
Old grudges will be uncovered, old scores settled and a tide of blood, paint and varnish will flow in T3. This cacophony will echo alongside the sound of bristle on plastic and the rattle of dice underfoot”

Warhammer Club starts Friday 10th November in T3 (thanks to Mrs Quinn, Mr Hitchings and a whole hoard of anxious underlings). From 1.15-1.45pm, interested parties are to bring along a favourite model as well as a couple of shedloads of ideas for the club. See you there, and in case you hadn’t already guessed I am running it ☺.