Yacapaca (Yakka-Pakka)

Welcome back, hope you all enjoyed your break. This week we will finally be rolling out Yacapaca to you all as Mr Henley has fixed all the Gremlins.

Yacapaca is an online quiz that you all get another login for (don’t forget it). Once your logged in and you’ve clicked on a quiz you can set yourself a target. This is YOUR target not mine and I never even get to see it so put down what you think and compare it to your final score. I shall show everyone’s scores on the leaderboard at the end so you can get a rough idea of how you’re doing.

Don’t stress over your results as they are only one (of many) way of assessing your ICT knowledge, and if online testy things aren’t your cup of tea your skills will show in the other bits of work I get off of you.

When you complete the quiz have a second go to try and boost your scores. You will then have the opportunity to click ‘Me’ and you can pick a fun Avatar.