Year 8: Public Info System Hand-In

Here a Public Information Film from the dark ages of British currency.

  • What information were they trying to give to the public?
  • How did they get the information across?

Today we are going to create a report evaluating the success of the system you have created. Think about how successfully you give your information to the audience.

  1. Print Screen your Public Information System
  2. Paste the image into a Word document and Crop it.
  3. Add the Title Public Information System
  4. Add a Sub-Heading Introduction and say how you made your information system.
  5. Add a Sub-Heading Testing and say if it works automatically, or if you need to click the screen.
  6. Add a Sub-Heading Evaluation and write about 3 things that are good about your system and say why, 3 things you would improve about you system and say why.