Teething Troubles


We are having a few problems in ICT at the moment. Mainly that the Internet has been unavailable for everyone except us teachers and year 9 (for some inexplicable reason). Our excellent technical support team have made it their number one priority and we hope to have you all back on the World Wide Web ASAP.

*Please note this also puts HadNet out of action in my lessons till it is sorted. So we will all have to wait a while before we can play with our fabulous Learning Environment in school. If you have home access, why not check out HadNet from the link on the right hand side and see what I have in store for you this year.


14 Responses to “Teething Troubles”

  1. olivia gilbert Says:

    hey mr chenery!

    geat web site!

  2. Anonymous Says:


  3. Megan Says:

    hey olivia and hi mr chinery luv d website its great for quiet nites in

  4. Megan Clackson Says:

    hey olivia and hi mr chinery luv d website its great for quiet nites in

  5. mrchenery Says:

    Check your speelings please. Text speak is for mobiles where you pay per character. On the Internet it is better to express yourself using the full range of the glorious English language. Enjoy the weekend peeps :).

  6. anonomous Says:

    Sorry Mr Chenery,

    but can we still do it if we feel like it

  7. xxxxmollyxxxx Says:

    This is soooooo cool mr chenery

  8. mrchenery Says:

    If you’re writing stuff out of school hours I can hardly insist, but it is nice when I see good spelling, grammar and some well written comments.

    It’s good practice to communicate clearly and effectively wherever it’s taking place, but it is your comments section so I’m happy for you to use it however you want, within reason :).

  9. Anonymous Says:

    heya molly and livy and meg
    this site rocks

  10. Megan Clackson Says:

    hey who is this write back please

  11. Megan Clackson Says:

    hey mr chenery i cant wait for ict on friday with you i cant wait to check my emails from my mates

  12. x-kat-x Says:

    y rnt we alwd 2 spk in txt spk on ere mr chenery??

  13. x-kat-x Says:

    hey 2 da gurlies in 8h ya wckd spesh mention 2 tasha – wel dun 4 da talent sho gal, lil – u memba dat gal @da tlnt sho haha boo get er off!, emma – scha ledgnd n a wckd gal!& bridget – sooo funni woooosh galfrnd!!

  14. xxxTiTcH**eRexxx Says:

    hey sir how do we do smiley faces on here
    write bac plz

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