Week to go!!!

Make the most of your last few days of holiday peeps as it’s running out fast. I’m now working hard at getting you all some fun stuff to learn this year, looking forward to seeing you all again.


17 Responses to “Week to go!!!”

  1. steve j Says:

    there is prob wid hadnet.
    it not comin up wid our class.

  2. Taylor Rose Says:

    Hi everyone 2 days to go just got back from holiday in Scotland – in loch ness!! c u soon l8ers!

  3. olivia gilbert Says:

    hey mr chenery

    Great web site!
    it is my first ICT and it is great already!

  4. deanna Says:

    hi every one how are u i love coco

  5. deanna Says:

    i love food

  6. Molly Says:

    Heya Everyone,

    U r such a COOL teacher Mr Chenery!!!!

    and if you want to know this is my first lesson and my favoraite WELL SO FAR!!!!!!!

  7. lucy evans Says:

    hiya! great website mr chenery
    this is my first IT lesson in this school hopefully i’ll enjoy IT!!!
    cya ltr then
    LuCy EvAnS

  8. lucy evans Says:

    P.S i love chocolate

    p.p.s i just thought i’d tell u that


  9. adam moore Says:

    this is kool is it not

  10. molly Says:

    well i think its kool COS IM A CHOCOHOLIC WHO AGREES WIV ME

  11. Megan Clackson Says:

    me molly
    how r u deanna and molly
    cya ltr yh bibi

  12. bella Says:

    heya meg and molly and deanna
    how are u this site rocks
    i love food and it

  13. xxxxmollyxxxx Says:

    heya meg and bella and danny

    FOOD TOTALLY ROX!!!!!!!!!!

  14. shan Says:


  15. bethan Says:


  16. georgia Says:


  17. xxxTiTcH**eRexxx Says:

    food does so totally rox
    has eny1 seen High school musical yet if not u r so unlucky i have watched it 3xs i luv all the songs my fav characters are ryan and sharpay cause they like get everything that they want and they are like stuck up snobs or selfish is another word for them but i do like mrs darbus at the end its so funni she throws her folder and then starts dancing if u ever c u gotta talk 2 me about it to me at break or ova emails
    Ere’s me chatting away well its like 9:02 well i better go and check my emails if u want my addie if u aint gt it already my username is 06clacksonm@hotmail.com. Kk gotta go now so
    Bibi evr1

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