Welcome to HadNet


Year 7, prepare yourselves for the launch to Cyberspace. Today we are going to be entering a Virtual Learning Environment.

A persistent Massively Multiplayer Interactive User Area. Forget EverQuest II or World of Warcraft, we are about to enter HadNet!

HadNet Login

This world will hopefully replace complicated browsing, will give you a voice and will give you a permanent place you can save, edit and publish all of your ICT work. If you like it, there is the possibility of it being rolled out to your other subjects.

So, without further ado…

  • Login (Your login should be 05surnamefirstinitial)
  • Explore
  • Download Learning Environment Resource
  • Complete it
  • Submit it for marking

43 Responses to “Welcome to HadNet”

  1. steve j Says:

    lol, wot is it, i can’t get in lol!!!

  2. mrchenery Says:

    Teehee, you’ll find out soon enough 🙂

  3. steve Says:

    lol sir
    u hidin sumnthin

  4. steve j Says:

    lol sir, i think me know
    the skool gives oppurtunity for sites to be built and free em@ail!!
    hav i cracked it?????????????

  5. mrchenery Says:

    Your half right, but it’s all so much more than that. Hopefully i’ll have something to show monday. As long as i can get you the passwords years 8,9 & 10 already have.

  6. mr chenery Says:

    hi peeps

  7. stephen Says:

    im rite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. stephen j Says:

    ma nmame is stevie j

  9. x-crazy-gal-2K6-x Says:

    HIy hope u hav good hols… i know i wil!

  10. Cccchhhhhaaaaaarrrlllliiieeeee gggguuuuyyyy Says:

    Hi jake

  11. george davey Says:

    i luvc.g and a.m love you ppl xxx

  12. cccharlottttttttteeeeeee ttttttttt Says:

    hi everyone i am chazzzzzzzzy. how r u?

  13. kathryn Says:

    dis lesson should be fun (i hope) it is just a shame it is my last 1
    well it is a shame for me at least not necciserily for u in fact it is probably a good thing considering how noisy and chatty i am
    c ya



  15. Taylor Rose Says:


  16. i dunno Says:

    i is bored

  17. i dunno Says:


  18. Taylor Rose Says:

    sir dis is really annoying i still can’t log in ??????????? (frustrated)

  19. mrchenery Says:

    Hi Rose,

    Try again as i’ve just added you to the learning environment and your old class 7D.

    Enjoy the holidays.

  20. Taylor Rose Says:

    fanks sir i’ll try again hppy hols

  21. Taylor Rose Says:

    hi sir it’s me again my name is actually Taylor Rose and not Rose Taylor is it possible for you to change it for me because I will probably forget all about it! Fanks TAYLOR ROSE

  22. Taylor Rose Says:

    hi sir sorri it’s me again! How di u make a journel i am a bit confused??

  23. mrchenery Says:

    Sorry Taylor, I’ve added your proper account and got rid of the other one. I’ve taken journals out as I thought a forum would be more productive. Check out the topics or add your own.

  24. Taylor Rose Says:

    Thanks sir that is a gr8 help i shall leave u alone now!!

  25. lauren southgate Says:

    hiya lol i iz well boreded!! lol yh so i hav no idea wat else 2 say except….HI CHARLOTTE TAYLOR!! lol randomage lol n hi taylor lol yeah i dnt care bout nethin else just this lil message! woopdewoop lol xxcyazxxxx

  26. Taylor Rose Says:

    wot up lauren y don’t u mail me?

  27. Taylor Rose Says:

    hi everybody happy hols

  28. Taylor Rose Says:

    the mail thing is very good!!

  29. J@k£y B0i!!* Says:

    charlotte, y is u boasting that im ure cousin???lol

  30. J@k£y B0i!!* Says:

    mr chenery, u is a legend. cant wait till ict takes over da world, (cough) (cough)

  31. Taylor Rose Says:

    hi jake or as u like 2 be known as J@k£y B0i!!* how ru i is kool just come bk from brighton with my dad and litle bro! den 2morow i am goin 2 scotland 4 da week l8ers! oh ya u can now spell my name a different – tayla rose

  32. chelsea wilden Says:

    hi charlie c u l8ter

  33. kitty Says:

    hi sir brilliant site here

  34. kitty Says:

    hiya to ever1 i know lol ur all kewl

  35. xXxgeorgiexXx Says:

    hiya u are my teacher and iam in the same room mwahahahaha

  36. dlb Says:

    u all k pepps wubu2 l8ly i is wude init

  37. jazzie Says:


  38. HI Says:

    Hi all ppl!!

  39. Legendary Hobo Says:

    is this where i find jesus?

  40. Mollieeee (: Says:

    hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

  41. benny-g-unit Says:

    ite sir is it coz u is cool

  42. hookie Says:

    y did u leave

  43. benny g Says:

    george d is mell good at cricket loolllllllll

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