Hello Hadleigh


Hello to my new school! Thank you all ever so much for the brilliant welcome you’ve all given me, teachers and students alike. Especially thanks for all the messages on this site as I now know that I’m slowly getting you all hooked on ICT :). One day so many of you will likeΒ ICT that it will take over the world!

Anyway, some interesting changes are afoot. Keep an eye on this site and you will all surely find out more. *cough* E2BN *cough* πŸ˜‰


60 Responses to “Hello Hadleigh”

  1. Ash Says:

    Wicked Web Mr Chenery πŸ˜€

  2. Taylor.R 7D Says:

    gR8 web sir can’t wait if u r gonna teach us! U taught us on the 11th JULY 2006 Period 5!!

  3. Harriet.B 7D Says:

    Kl syt! Hope u teach us next year!

  4. steve j Says:


  5. steve j Says:

    kool lesson

  6. ami,m 7d Says:

    hello sir gr8 website hope u teach us!!!

  7. ami,m 7d Says:

    hey sir gr8 website it well gr8

  8. ami,m7d Says:

    hi ya soz bout all of them things it was me friends

  9. ami,m7d Says:

    hi ya soz bout all of them things it was me friends where it says ami says

  10. steve j Says:

    a few tips:
    don’t get angry
    give loads of merits
    don’t give detentions!
    then we’ll get along with u just fine!!
    lol bi

  11. Cccchhhhhaaaaaarrrlllliiieeeee gggguuuuyyyy Says:

    hello eat lots of juicey eggs

  12. dawnie smith Says:

    hi u r a gr8 teacher i cnt wait untillu teach us

  13. ami,m7d Says:

    hey sir this website is gr8 sir i like me friends they well kl especially jess

  14. jamiea 7d Says:

    kool lesson ur a gr8 teacher ope we av u in sept

  15. Charlie guy Says:

    hello mr c

  16. Helen,C7D Says:

    (: hi sir gr8 lesson:0
    cool site by da way(;

  17. steve j Says:

    i want to learn hackin lol
    if u do i be so glad lol(got a few internet enemys out there lol)!!
    me fav subject is i.c.t. me nick is Boff lol
    well suppose they is right!!

  18. total babe Says:

    cheers 4 helping me with that thingy & u r gr8 teacher.
    can we do some powerpoints next lesson if we hav u?

  19. Taylor.R 7D Says:

    (: Hi sir gr8 lesson want to be taught how 2 make own web site. I lurve trampoling and reading!!!! Hope u teach us next year.



  20. steve j Says:


  21. steve j Says:

    lol taylor

  22. steve j Says:

    i cant trampoline too!!

  23. ami,m7d Says:

    πŸ™‚ hi sir u well gr8 :)lol

  24. dawnie smith Says:


    I LIKE:

  25. cherish green Says:

    sir u rock n so do i
    teach us more plz thx

    luv u only jokin lol u ok & gd website

  26. Trystan A,7D Says:

    Hi sir ur a wick. teacher hope u teach us next year, cool lesson i want 2 lrn lot but hwk still bad idea …………..hint:we dont like detentions or hwk just lotsa merits….

  27. who am i???? Says:

    hi check out me homepage!
    lol, not much on it at da min lol!

  28. Crazy Gal Says:


  29. Helen,C7D Says:

    just a few commets

    don give detentions
    give merits
    don give homework
    make ur lessons fun

  30. jamiea 7d Says:

    i like da website keep- it kool

  31. Jasmine Elizabeth Cooper-Eliiott Says:

    I luv yew sir

  32. jasmine& cherry Says:

    u rock n so does george davey lol george is a sweet boi

    thx 4 teachin us bi xxx

  33. Groovy Chicks Says:

    hi sir u quite popular wid dis class lol! :D:D:D!! hope u stay 4 da rest of ma time @ dis skl which is 4 yrs! i wanna learn ow 2 mke ur own webby! luv jessie n jadie! x x x x

  34. dawnie smith Says:






  35. jamiea 7d Says:

    hi sailor

  36. steve j Says:

    who am i????
    is me steve j lol
    it me alias

  37. *Elizabeth* Says:

    Hi sir u da bst hope teech us nxt yr u da bst hope u giv a few detentions 2 peeps u r kl. DAWN 4 GEORGE 4EVA nd JASMINE 4 TRYSTAN 4EVA

  38. mini Says:


  39. Trystan A.7D Says:

    sir u r brillient!

  40. tom fitzgerald Says:


  41. Sexy Lady Jessie Says:

    who made da 1 up from me dat is sick! sir all the people in da class r kl my main m8s r eva jade haz taylor vikki nd ami! dey all a gd laugh! i against peeps hu r sexist i hope u rnt coz u seem a pretty kl teacher! l8as x

  42. laura m 7d Says:


  43. Sexy Lady Jessie Says:

    who made da 1 up from me dat is sick! sir all the people in da class r kl my main m8s r eva jade haz taylor vikki nd ami n eleanor
    ! dey all a gd laugh! i against peeps hu r sexist i hope u rnt coz u seem a pretty kl teacher! l8as x

  44. x-Crazy-Gal-2K6-x Says:

    sir honestly dat wernt jess… she would never put dat.

  45. kathryn Says:

    i fink ure lesson was gr8 fun nd it is a shame dat u won’t be teaching me nxt year. i am sure u would av been sound

  46. i don't know ma name wink wink Says:

    hi sir i was a kl lesson 2day teach us mre so then we can get a gd report thx x

  47. tom fitzgerald Says:

    yo peeps i is still bored and i need somfin’ 2do ahhhhhh i am about 2 die!!!!

  48. mrchenery Says:

    Check the latest post and have a go at some video editing πŸ™‚

  49. Jessie Avis Says:

    the video editing is gr8 sir! i sent it 2 ma cuzin nd she luvd it! i’ll c u soon

  50. steve j Says:

    lol jess,

  51. steve j Says:

    lol jess, see wot u mean lol

  52. steve j Says:

    sir, like da rss feeds, me fav bout microsoft shuttin down 98,me, and xp sp1 lol!
    lol gimme a quiz,sir i am ready!!
    or give to me nxt lesson lol!!
    me is steve!!
    i is ready!
    bring it on πŸ™‚

  53. laura (lulu) Says:

    hi! i’m bord! 7d r da best form eva! ma bezzi m8s r vic, benny, elmo, taylor, eva.

  54. me Says:

    cool site only thing i use the web 4 is to play WoW but still cool site

  55. ami,m7d Says:

    hi can we have more fun nxt lesson?

  56. Elizabeth (jasmine) Says:

    hi sir u da bst in da wrld lol only jokn u r kl though im gonna have a baby a fake 1 of course WAAAWAAA

  57. nick Says:




    no hate intended.

    love you all really.


  58. tom rules Says:

    i agree with nick

  59. *x*Chaz*x* Says:

    Erm..I Fynk Yoo Meen Thaa Uvaah Wai Rnd Mate..Hadleigh Is Much Bettah Than Ure Skool…
    Much Love To Yoo

  60. Sara Says:

    hadleighs rubbish! cnt wait till i moove!

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