Bye Bye Bergholt


Cheerio everyone, I’ve already started my new job at Hadleigh but I’m sure I will almost miss some of you ;).

I reckon I learnt far more in your lessons than you did and I’m sure you will all go on to great things.

Special thanks to;

  • Kite bros. and co for your awesome chirpiness and surreal, pythonesque humour.
  • Travis for pwning me consistently at Metroid Prime Hunters.
  • Tom A for your awesome titles.
  • David O’G for your excellent anime.
  • All of year 10 for being so nice to me especially 10F, who are the best form eva.
  • Fanatastic teachers like Ms Headford, Mr Potter, Mrs Eiken and the Legend Mr Reed who made my stay at EBHS so memorable.
  • Everybody else who i’d love to mention but just don’t have the time.

Cosmic Sands FTW


3 Responses to “Bye Bye Bergholt”

  1. tom armstrong Says:

    yoyo! wot up mr c! wowo u have a website. cool.

  2. nick Says:

    hah thats so cool!
    i wasnt in a class but gah
    so cool
    showing everyone.

    erm good luck and all that shizzle


  3. Sum1 in ure lesson from bergholt Says:

    Hey mr chenery! enjoy ure new job at hadleigh we will miss u! haha the lil sweet men 😀 svens super slurpy sweets! 😀 goodluck

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