Yr 10: Do Not Mess!


I have left the trailer for ‘Doughnut Mess with Mr Chenery’ on the S:Drive>ICT for those of you that would like to see it again.

Doughnut Mess Rules 

  • This is a very serious game whereby you must eat as much of/many doughnuts as possible without licking your lips.
  • It is a one-on-one knockout tournament.
  • Winner stays on. Runner-up may select the next competitor.
  • Alternative flavour doughnuts are available
  • A ‘Lip Service’ Judge will be appointed to each competitor and their word is final as to whether lips have been licked.
  • Starting line-up will be selected from the highest achieving students in the Yacapaca quiz, in addition with a few select choices by Mr Chenery. This is subject to change at the discretion of Mr Chenery and Mr Potter.
  • Negative behaviour will see competitors withdrawn and subject to lunchtime detention.

I had hoped to record the event and edit it into a cool video. However due to child protection issues I am not allowed to take images of the event home to edit them and so I have deleted my copies of them.

Hopefully Mr Potter will leave some stuff on the school network and you can come up with some fancy films.


4 Responses to “Yr 10: Do Not Mess!”

  1. George Davey Says:

    It is a really good website Mr Chenery.

  2. George Davey Says:

    hi hi hi hi mr chenery do you remember my name.

  3. George Davey the cool kid Says:


  4. George Davey the cool kid Says:

    who was your favourite pupil at Burghalt?

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