Yr 9: Fantastic Film Fun


Film Language

Films are constructed in using a set of rules. These rules are something we as an audience will expect from a film. Sometimes when we see a film and think it is rubbish, it is because it has followed these rules properly. Alternatively, sometimes the reason why we like a film is because it has broken these rules in a imaginative and creative way.

Simple explanations of film rules:

  • Cuts are like blinking.
  • Transitions can hide things we would never normally see.
  • Effects can represent how we feel.

Film Genre & Style

Films are often classified as being about certain things, these classification often decide how the film looks and uses the rules above.

Film Noir (Black & White, Detective)

Science Fiction (Futuristic)

Horror (Contrasting/Shock/Scary)


5 Responses to “Yr 9: Fantastic Film Fun”

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