Hello Hadleigh

Hello year 10, welcome to my site. For this lesson you'll need to download the file (Excel Spreadsheet) attached below.

Cow Catapult Spreadsheet Model.xls

Click the link and select open to open the spreadsheet in your browser. Click save if you want to save it to your user area first.

When you have it open change the initial velocity and the angle variables and see what happens! 


3 Responses to “Hello Hadleigh”

  1. george Says:

    hi sir ur supr

  2. mrchenery Says:

    Thank you George.

  3. Jess Says:

    hi sir! ict was gr8 at 5th period 2day! ur well kl! by da way jade hu is da peep hu kept hittin peeps she well kl she just reli hypa lol!plz dnt giv out n y detetions r class h8 em but we do luv merits!! l8as x

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