Happy Easter!


Last day for a couple of weeks. Enjoy your time off and Yr 10's get your homework done!

Boys will be boys

Credits to the Year 10 ICT group for their excellent multimedia skills, acting and sign language :).


3 Responses to “Happy Easter!”

  1. aidan Says:

    i thought it was verygoodand i found it easytofindout wat has been going on

  2. Joshua Kirwan 7.1 Says:

    very good website mr chenery. well done, It sticks to the topic and is easy to find your way round. try putting more information next time though as the website won’t appeal to many people.

  3. mad person(amy morgan) Says:

    very good website sir , you can find your way round easy but u mite want to put more info on it!!!! bibi !!!!!!lolahah

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