10.9 Electronic Spreadsheet Design Part III


Checklist for a Basic Spreadsheet

A basic spreadsheet will list all the inputs and outputs required in the system and stated in the analysis, will be appropriately formatted and will have begun automating the processing of values within it.

* Title   
* All inputs  
* All outputs  
* At least 5 sections 
o Cost per person
o Number of people going
o Cost for group
o Discount
o Donations
o Sponsorships

Net = total after discounts


To know that your spreadsheet is in good working order you need to test it. If you have used the Autosum function then if you change the variable in a cell that links to it you should expect the Autosum variable to change by the correct amount.

Paper-Based Design

If you have met the criteria of a basic spreadsheet and you’ve tested it, begin the paper-based designs.

You need to print out the grid;

* Add your names and design number to the header View>Header and Footer>Custom Header

1) Design one needs to be the outline of your layout with all the appropriate headings, totals and space for variables.

2) Design two needs to be a your heading layout with appropriate variables added to it